Specialist belts for potash mining

To be successful, potash and salt mines have to maintain high continuous output. Conveyors, therefore, must be able to reliably cope with a wide combination of very specific demands. First and foremost they need to be safe. They also need to be cost-effective by being able to withstand sustained use over the longest possible working life with the minimum of maintenance and repairs being necessary. At the same time, the frequent need to extend and retreat conveyors to efficiently mine the mineral seams means that the belts need to possess the strongest possible retention of mechanical fasteners. Last but not least, belts installed in potash mines need to have good troughing and tracking characteristics due to the often uneven roadways and ceilings and, in some cases, to cope with floor movement.

In potash mines around the world, Fenner Dunlop solid woven PVC belts provide the best in reliability, performance and fire safety. What makes them so very different is the unique dipping/impregnation process that we use. Unlike our competitors, this allows PVC to penetrate into the very heart of the belt, ensuring optimum fire safety while also protecting the carcass from oils, acidic moisture, and chemicals. The special Fenner Dunlop engineered carcass creates a dynamic and static mechanical fastener strength that is far superior to any other manufacturer. The carcass also has unrivaled resistance to impact, longitudinal tears and belt edge wear and the PVC covers have excellent cleaning properties.