Gypsum is widely used as a fertilizer and as the main constituent in many forms of plaster. To be financially viable, gypsum mines need to achieve a consistently high output volume with downtime kept to an absolute minimum. Conveyors used in gypsum mines must, therefore, be able to withstand sustained use over the longest possible working life with the minimum of maintenance and repairs being necessary. Accidental damage caused by trapped foreign objects is a constant risk so any belt used in a gypsum mine must have particularly good resistance to longitudinal tears and rips. Belts must also be able to withstand the damaging effects caused by the acidic moisture and other harmful chemicals. Fenner Dunlop solid woven PVC belts are ideally suited for the demands of mining gypsum. For example, the unique special dipping/impregnation process that we use allows the PVC to penetrate into the very heart of the belt, creating optimum protection for the inner carcass. The specially designed Fenner Dunlop carcass has a higher than average integral dynamic and static mechanical fastener strength. This is essential when it is necessary to extend or retreat the conveyor system. Our solid woven PVC belts also have an unbeatable resistance to belt edge wear, impact, and longitudinal tears together with excellent belt surface cleaning properties. Last but not least, Fenner Dunlop belts have excellent troughing and tracking characteristics. For economy, reliability, performance and the longest possible operational lifetime, Fenner Dunlop Gypsum mining belts are way ahead of the rest.