Mining Industries and Applications

In underground mines around the world, conveyors continue to be the safest and most effective method of transporting all kinds of extracted materials. In every form of mining, there are two essential pre-requisites that every conveyor belt must possess. First and foremost it must help create the safest possible working environment. The second pre-requisite is reliability. Conveyor belts used in mines need to be able to withstand the different types of physical demands placed upon them by the different types of material they are required to convey with the absolute minimum of repairs and maintenance being necessary.

For more than 70 years, Fenner Dunlop has been a market leader in the development and supply of premier quality PVC and PVG solid woven conveyor belting. There is a very good reason for that continued leadership and success. Quite simply, every belt we supply has been manufactured to not only the very highest safety standards in the industry but also deliberately engineered to provide outstanding reliability, durability and the longest and most economical working lifetime. Here we explain more about the different demands and the different requirements required in each type of mining discipline.